Marketing of the restaurant has never been so easy!

Customer oriented marketing

Dinersville is a fast and flexible marketing channel, which makes you communicate with your customers in real-time. Every search from the application will bring to the customer also your restaurant’s lunches, á la Carte and deals.

Dinersville collects detailed data from the orders and sales. With built-in reports you can guide your restaurant into the right direction.

The key to the successful restaurant is good food.  Dinersville gives you time to do it!

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We advice you 14 different ways to make your marketing more effective with our real time service.


Benefits of Dinersville

Real time mobile marketing

Dinersville portal application makes it easier for you to add all your restaurant’s lunch menu, a la Carte menu and deals in real time, which is then visible to your customers...


More Sales

With Dinersville you can get more customers, decrease food waste and activate customers. You can publish your deals at real time.

Customer oriented marketing

Dinersville is a measurable marketing channel. Fast and easy use of Dinersville saves advertising costs, time and effort.

Customer loyalty and rewarding

Dinersville activates your customers and keep lunchs stamps up-to-date . No need to spend excessive money for printing stamps.

Order management and sales reporting

Orders and reports on the Dinersville allows you to quickly and easily track, analyze, and develop your business in the right direction.

Customers Service

Meals paid in advance will give you time for customer service.

How to get your restaurant into Dinersville?

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